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High-Quality Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement

SWAT Roofing Fort Worth provides quality commercial roofing in not only the Dallas and Fort Worth area but also nationwide! You can contact us today for an always FREE, zero-obligation commercial roof inspection and analysis.

Commercial buildings can experience a wide array of issues from flat roof leaks and ponding to needing low slope roofing repairs. Commercial roofing is vastly different than residential roofing, in most cases, requiring heavy-duty materials and a significantly higher number of square footage to replace or repair. Commercial roofing demands a specific skillset and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the commercial roofing industry. When compared to the many variations that go into designing and building a residential roof such as architectural and decorative features, you may think the typically flat surfaces of commercial roofs require less skill.

It is quite the opposite though; improper installation or repair of your commercial roof has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars or more. If your commercial property does happen to have any unique architectural challenges, such as pyramids, vertical spans, arcs, arches, is an overwater project or has difficult fastening surfaces we have the training and skills to meet any challenge. We are able to offer a variety of services to accommodate our clients because we are always up to date with the most cutting edge roofing technology and a few steps ahead of our competitors. We are dedicated to staying informed of any and all the latest product research. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality selection of tested state of the art materials that have a longer product life than other companies offer which will allow you to save money on your project.

When you hire us to handle your commercial roofing needs you get the most for your hard-earned money as we do the job right, the first time! We also pride ourselves on having fast response times, another one of the many ways we have gained the trust of the communities we serve.

With almost 20 years in the industry, we have accumulated a top-notch reputation through guaranteed high-quality work! Proudly serving not only our residential roofing customers but also our commercial roofing customers in the Fort Worth and Dallas metroplex area. SWAT Roofing Fort Worth is known for our unwavering quality in our installation of various roofing systems.

No matter the type of your commercial building, we are your company. From multi-family homes to apartment complexes, stores, churches, and other houses of worship. Helping you protect your investment is what matters to us!

Multi-Family Roofing

Whether you’re looking for roof repairs or a new roof install, we are experts in multi-family roofing services. Serving Greater Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas, SWAT Roofing fort Worth is ready to assist with all your roofing needs. As a multi-family roofing contractor, we offer services for a variety of dwellings including condos, townhomes, apartments and more. Our team is licensed, certified and ready to provide you with roofing that is structurally sound and of the highest quality materials. Whether you need a new roof or…


PVC Roofing

A reinforced PVC membrane is one of the best choices available in the industry and provides more attributes than regular PVC roof sheathing. A PVC roofing membrane is a layer of sheathing that offers protection, unmatched insulation and sound deadening features. This material is placed over an existing flat or shingled roof and is highly reliable.


Green or Living Roofs

A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof which involves a high-quality water proofing and root repellant system, drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium and plants. Adding a green roof to your commercial property is quite beneficial as it can offer a number of different things like habitat for wildlife, food, serve educational purposes, decorative and architectural enhancement and improves the quality of the air.


Single-Ply and Multi-Ply Roofing Systems

Single-ply roofing membranes are a choice that has gained more popularity in recent years. Single-ply membranes are competitively priced, have flexibility, ease of installation and are available in multiple product offers such as EPDM, TPO and PVC. Single-ply roofing membranes are formed out of a single layer that is made using reinforced thermo set or thermoplastic materials, such materials are made of components similar to plastic and rubber. Besides being a more economical choice, single-ply roofing materials are more environmentally…


TPO Roofing Materials

The TPO roofing materials applied by SWAT are formulated using the most innovative technology available to the roofing industry! Designed to allow maximum flexibility and pliability upon installation. Our TPO roofing systems are helping business owners just like you to protect their investments from extreme weather conditions. TPO is an economical choice when compared to a similar material like PVC. They share benefits such as energy efficiency and seams that are easily welded by hot-air, except TPO comes at a lower cost. TPO roofing…


Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Synthetic Roof Underlayment – Synthetic roof underlayment provides a number of benefits to roofers and homeowners. First, they are easier to install and thinner than there felt counterparts. Due to the fact that they are so lightweight and thin, they do not add a lot of weight to the roof which makes this type of underlayment an obvious choice under certain types of bulkier or heavier types of shingles. Despite its thinness, a synthetic roof underlayment still serves as an excellent water barrier. Durability is another major benefit, the…