Class 4 Roofs

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Class 4 Roofing

In short, Class 4 Roofing is impact-resistant and could be perfect for your build. Furthermore, class 4 roofing is made with a tested and verified standard practiced across the globe. So, what makes Class 4 roofing the top-rated roofing option?

Class 4 roofing has the potential to bear intense natural phenomena like storms, winds, hail, etc. In hail-prone regions, C4 impact resistance shingles prevent water leakages, set an economical approach, and cut unnecessary replacement costs.

Class 4 Roofing Guide

Here is a detailed guide on Class 4 roofing and its benefits to help you find the best possible services that our company offers.

What Is A Class 4 Roof?​​​

Class four is the highest possible rating for roofing materials. The standardized test known as Underwriters Laboratory 2218 classifies the roofing material under the scale from one to four.

Therefore, the ratings allow you to pick the most durable and long-lasting roofing material. It also aids in narrowing down the choices to the best available options. Class four impact resistant roofs provide a wide range of benefits like:

  • Decreasing frequent repair
  • Cutting down additional roof costs
  • Minimizing roof damage
  • Qualifying for an insurance discount

What Is C4 Impact Resistance For Roofing Shingles

If you live in an area exposed to extreme weather conditions, it is crucial to select the right roofing shingles. It helps in protecting your roof from intense storms, violent winds, and hail damage.

C4 impact-resistant roofing shingles significantly reduce the effects of severe weather outbursts. It works as a powerful shield and stops roof fractures.

The construction of impact-resistant shingles takes place in two ways

  1. A polymer-based mesh: prevents the shingle from separating if struck by hailstone or other heavy objects.
  2. Rubber-like polymers as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene): makes the shingle more adaptable and able to recover from the hail effect.

Class 4 roofs in Texas

According to research, Texas was one of the worst states to encounter major hail damage in 2019. It faced an estimated 872 hail storms. In such a region where roofs are at a high risk of hail damage, Class 4 roof shingles work the best.

For a hail-prone place like Texas, SBS-modified asphalt shingles take the top position. It contains special polymers that provide rubber-like flexibility to the shingles.  The strength and durability are unmatched, having the ability to withstand extreme climatic changes.

Is A Class 4 Roof Worth It?

With time, there is an alarming rise in the occurrence of harsh weather situations. Specifically, hail conditions have worsened in the past couple of years. Thus, it is beneficial to invest time in a well-constructed property to skip any dangers.

Hailstorms, for instance, can create cracks and ruptures in your roof. As an outcome, it may cause the water to penetrate inside the house. Moreover, it can also result in an unfortunate accident causing injuries or other threats.

Besides, the damage might need an entire replacement. It will be an additional increase in the expanses. So, to overcome all these drawbacks, C4 roofing is the safest and convenient option.

What Is the Difference Between Class 3 Or Class 4 Roofs?

Considering the standard UL 2218, the strength of the roofing material is checked by dropping different-sized metal balls from different heights. A Class three roofing material can endure a ball of 44.5 mm from a height of 5.2 meters. On the contrary, a C4 roof can bear a ball of 50.8 mm from a 6.1-meter distance.

Thus, a Class 3 roof is more likely to collapse early than a Class 4 roof over a longer amount of time. You can either install a C3 or C4 according to the atmospheric challenges of your area.

How Can You Tell If You Have Class 4 Shingles?

The impact rating of the shingles is usually marked either on the packaging or the underside of the shingle.

You might need to check it for the confirmation of the class to which it belongs. It is not possible to identify a Class 4 shingle by just having a glance at it.

You can also know about the impact-resistant rating by its price tag. Class 4 shingles are a little expensive than the C1, 2, and 3 categories.

What Shingles Last The Longest?

The lasting span of the shingles can vary depending upon various factors such as

  • The material of the shingle
  • To which class does the shingle belong
  • Geography of the region of installation
  • Purpose of installation

Generally, C4 impact-resistant shingles are the top priority among construction professionals. They can be on a higher price level, but their benefits surpass the value they demand.

How long should a Class 4 roof last?

If you plan to install a C4 impact-resistant shingle, it will most likely last for several years. The time can be more or less depending upon the frequency of intense weather conditions. However, a Class 4 roof can survive for an extended period without any noticeable harm to the property.

What Roof Is Best For Hail?​​​

Hail can often result in a lot of damage to the roof, leading to a repair in the last hour. Based on regions, the size of the hail can vary from small ice pellets to even the size of golf balls. It can, in turn, break the shingles and make them vulnerable to future destruction.

Hence, it is ideal to go for secure roofing material to avoid any unwanted outcome. Class 4 IR shingles offer powerful protection against hailstorms and other similar natural calamities. Specifically, Modified styrene-butadiene-styrene asphalt shingles can do heavy-duty in recurring hails.

What are the Best Shingles for My Project?​​

While manufacturing impact-resistant roofing shingles, different materials like asphalt, rubber, and metal come into use. Each type has its unique properties that you can then select as per your requirement.  For example, the region of your property determines which type will work the best for you.

However, no matter which material you choose, the shingles must belong to a Class 3 or 4. Thus, Class 4 impact-resistant shingles are the top pick for you to achieve your desired goal.

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