Residential Roof Underlayment

Synthetic roof underlayment is becoming a popular choice with homeowners throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. Our area is prone to severe weather and thus is prone to heavy storm damage that almost always includes damage to your roof.

Choosing to install a roofing underlayment creates a barrier between your home and the roof itself. When a heavy storm hits, your much less likely to experience roof leaks that often come in tandem with roof damage. For this reason, and many others, DFW homeowners are including the installation of a synthetic roofing underlayment with their roof repairs or replacement.

Benefits of a Synthetic Roof Underlayment

As stated above, a roof underlayment creates a barrier between the actual roofing material and your home. Often times, during heavy wind storms, rain or hail, you’ll experience damage to your roofing tiles that can

subsequently lead to a leak. An underlayment is basically another layer of roof that is harder to damage than your typical roofing tile. The material used to make synthetic underlayments degrade at an extremely lower rate than those made of felt. It is thin, lightweight and extremely durable. This particular type of roof underlayment is also slip resistant, making roof repairs and other work that needs to be done easier to complete.

It can be used under all types of roofing materials, including shingle roofs, metal roofs, shaker roofs and more. Roof underlayments made of synthetic materials are resistant to water and to UV damage. As residents of this great area, we know how HOT it can get during the spring, summer and even fall months. The sun can be unforgiving and can quickly break down low-quality roofing materials. However, with the synthetic materials used to make this roof underlayment, you don’t have to worry about UV damage or the material becoming brittle because of too much exposure.

This particular type of underlayment was created specifically for homes that deal with extreme conditions like 100-degree temperatures. We also have to deal with heavy rainfall. There isn’t a summer that goes by with at least one torrential downpour. While the Dallas & Fort Worth areas typically don’t have direct threats from hurricanes, we do have to worry about heavy rainstorms and sometimes tornadoes and hail.

Having to deal with this kind of severe weather means finding creative ways to limit the damage our homes may receive during these types of storms. The latest roofing materials available last longer than ever before, so for homeowners to have an underlayment that will hold up as long as the shingles is a worthwhile advantage.


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