Has your Home Been Damaged from Recent Storms? Call SWAT for a Free Inspection!

A residential home with a green backyard is seen from an aerial view showing damage to the roof and shingles

The last week in Greater Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas has turned into a nightmare for some homeowners and businesses throughout the area. Everything from severe winds to thunderstorms to hailstorms and even tornadoes have caused moderate to severe damage to roofs and building exteriors.

At S.W.A.T. Roofing & Contracting, we specialize in turnkey storm restoration services, meaning we can repair roofs, gutters, siding, fences and more. Our expert team of licensed contractors have years of experience repairing homes after storm damage, particularly the type of storms we get here in Texas. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs throughout Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

If you are finding pieces of roof on the ground, or are beginning to see signs of a roof leak, don’t wait to get your roof inspected. Give us a call at 817-756-6666 and we’ll make arrangements to go to your property for a thorough inspection of damage.


Drone Inspections

Depending on the amount of damage to your home, we may use a drone to conduct an inspection of your roof. This allows us to do a few things:

  1. Prevent further damage. Tile roofs, for example, can become even more damaged when someone walks on them. In order to prevent and preserve your roof in its current state, utilizing drone technology allows us to get a full and up close view of the damage to your roof.
  2. Ensures safety. The safety of our team and anyone in the area is always a top priority for us. When you have a roof that is severely damaged, or is built using a material that can be slippery when stepped on, a drone becomes essential in the inspection. Using a drone provides us the opportunity to see exactly what’s going on with your roof without worrying about the safety of others.
  3. Insurance Claims. When it comes time to submit a claim to your insurance company, you’ll need before and after photos of your roof and any other damage that may have occurred to your property. Using a drone to take pictures of your roof gives us a perfect “birds-eye” view of the full scope of damage, so there are no questions when it comes time for insurance adjusters to review your claim.

We continue to utilize drone in our inspection process because of the value they provide. They allow us to get a full picture of the damage on your roof without hindering the inspection process. Many of our competitors do not use drones and can’t provide you with the level of service that we can.


It’s almost officially summer here in Fort Worth-Dallas (even though it’s felt like summer for months now) and we will continue to get hit with storms for the next three or four months. Residents to this area understand how important it is to be proactive when it comes to the integrity of your roof, and the exterior of your home. Let S.W.A.T. Roofing & Contracting give you the piece of mind that you’re inspection and possible repairs will be done right. Set up your free roof inspection or give us a call at 817-756-6666 today.